Dan Gribbin

Pete Seeger in Paradise

I'll Sing You Love

One Sweet Song
My third album, "My Louisiana Heron," was released in March 2013, a CD that includes my photos of the Tricolored Heron, better known as the Louisiana Heron. The song that has gotten the most notice is "Erin at the Window," a tribute to a parent's efforts to cope with loss. My favorite song to perform is "Dance Me Silly," which suggests that for all the work on fingerpicking, I'm still a rhythm guitarist at heart. The variety of music on the CD is typical of my eclectic approach to songwriting, though there are certain elements of style which most of the songs share. Our diverse community of folk musicians in Central Florida has nurtured my work since the days when we gathered for open mike on Friday nights at the Eustis Street Grill. It's been a wonderful experience to grow musically in this fertile atmosphere of fellowship and support. And, as www.danbirds.com suggests, my shore bird photography has not been neglected.