Dan Gribbin
A Musical Journey
After a dozen years of involvement in the Florida folk music scene, I feel as if the release of my 2013 album "My Louisiana Heron" demonstrates a new degree of maturity in my work. Performances for folk festival crowds and Unitarian Universalist gatherings alternate with restaurant dates that keep me in touch with a wide audience of music lovers. My purpose is always to entertain, to engage the listener's heart, to convey the full range of life's experiences with poetic sensitivity and a touch of imagination. I am obviously deeply involved with the beautiful environment here on the east coast of Florida, photographing shore birds and working them and their habitat into my music. The great challenge is to keep it interesting for the listener, sometimes through humor, always through imaginative arrangements of guitar and vocals. I love the variety of life, and I love offering variety in my music, from the great energy of "Dance Me Silly" to the more somber cadence of the chorus of "Awakening." Hope you enjoy listening as much as I have enjoyed preparing these songs for you.