Dan Gribbin
The Sidekick Song

Lyric Credits: Dan Gribbin
Music Credits: Dan Gribbin
Producer Credits: Dan Gribbin
Publisher Credits: Dan Gribbin
Performance Credits: Dan Gribbin
Song Length 3:28
Primary Genre Folk-General
Tempo / Feel Pop-General
Tempo / Feel Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal

Sometimes I think I?d make a pretty good sidekick; a buddy for a silver screen star.
My dialogue would be groovy, and in a caper movie I?d be driving the getaway car.
Then we could take a road trip to the canyon, like Thelma and Louise;
I really think I?d make a pretty good sidekick, so won?t you put me in your picture please.

Don Quixote rode with Sancho, and meanwhile, back at the rancho,
Butch Cassady waited for trains to be freighted with gold for the Sundance Kid.
Lone Ranger rode with Tonto, and the Cisco Kid had Pancho.
It would be a great hobby to play kimosabe like the classic sidekicks did.

Huck Finn had Tom Sawyer, and that superstar lawyer
Perry Mason had his buddy Paul Drake.
Superman had young Jimmy, and Lassie had Timmy,
To rescue when he fell in the lake.

Have you noticed how often in pictures the sidekick makes it work?
Where would Batman be without Robin? He might come across as a jerk.
You?ve got to have that loveable sidekick to make a dynamic duo.
And I just might be the guy with the glint in his eye to make a blockbuster out of your show.

I?d never stoop to steal a scene; the hero?s face would fill the screen.
I?d never step on someone else?s lines.
Second billing I would take; you?d need no stuntman, I would make
All my fights and flips and falls seem genuine.

Film ?Mr. Lucky? and I?ll play Andamo; I?ll be the Piglet to your Pooh.
Just let me play one trusty sidekick; I?ll be box office magic for you.
I really think I?d make a pretty good sidekick, in a pair of old blue jeans;
I could write you a script, even send you some clips
Of the best buddy you?ve ever seen . . . I'll be your sidekick . . .
Of the best buddy you?ve ever seen.

© 2002 by Daniel V. Gribbin
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