Dan Gribbin
Florida in My Soul

Lyric Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Music Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Producer Credits: Alex Budzilek
Publisher Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Label Credits: Anhinga Harmonics
Short Song Description:
A wily old swamp rat let's us know what he loves about his native state of Florida.
Long Song Description:
There are plenty of things to be skeptical about and to fear in Florida. But for those who can embrace the whole experience, the state offers real delight. That seems to be the mood of the old swamp rat who's regaling us with the delights of Florida in this song.
Story Behind the Song:
Hanging around the swamps taking pictures of shore birds has put me in contact with some interesting characters. I sort of give voice to one of them in this song.
Song Length 4:45
Primary Genre Folk-Americana
Tempo / Feel Country-Americana
Tempo / Feel Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Reptiles
Subject Matter 2 Masculinity
Mood 1 Welcoming
Mood 2 Cheerful
Similar Artist 1 Willie Nelson
Language English
Era 2000 and later
I've got a great blue heron on a hollow log.
He orders fish for breakfast, with a side of frog.
I've got Florida in my soul.
I've got a pink flamingo on my neighbor's lawn.
She never did move much, but now today she's gone.
I've got Florida in my soul.

Chorus: I've got Florida in my soul.
And there's a creepy crawlin' critter that's a-nibbling at my toe.
I'm gonna grab my guitar and hit the road.
And if an alligator proves to be an instigator when I try to navigate
around her path . . . I'm gonna biff her in the nose.

I've got an Okeechobee Alafaya dream.
I'm gonna sleep till dark and watch the swamp gas gleam.
I've got Florida in my soul.
I've got the northbound leaving on the Seabord Line,
But I'm a southbound drifter in this state of mind.
I've got Florida in my soul.

[Repeat chorus]

Bridge: When you've got Florida in your soul,
You love to hear the bellow of the old bull gator and feel that ocean roll.

I've got a snowy egret on a cypress knee.
He lets me take his picture for a nominal fee.
I've got Florida in my soul.
I've got blue crab boiling on an open fire,
And there's a St. Johns monkey on the telephone wire.
I've got Florida in my soul.

[Repeat chorus]

I've got a pileated pecker on a sabal palm.
If he's an ivory bill, we call the Audubon.
I've got Florida in my soul.
I'm an endangered species.
I'm the Crocodile Man.
I've got a dozen rattlers eatin' out of my hand.
I've got Florida in my soul.

[Repeat chorus]