Dan Gribbin
Our Wild Florida

Lyric Credits: Daniel Gribbin
Music Credits: Daniel Gribbin
Producer Credits: Daniel Gribbin
Publisher Credits: Daniel Gribbin
Performance Credits: Daniel Gribbin
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
A wish for the grandson to be there to learn about Nature.
Long Song Description:
A grandfather gives a sense of what he appreciates in Nature as he expresses his longing to have his grandson with him to learn about these things.
Story Behind the Song:
Having a grandson can heighten a person's sense of wanting to preserve Nature for that child to appreciate and enjoy.
Song Length 3:39
Primary Genre Folk-Americana
Tempo / Feel Folk-General
Tempo / Feel Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Spirituality
Mood 1 Composed
Mood 2 Gracious
Similar Artist 1 James Taylor
Similar Artist 2 Josh Groban
Language English
Era 2000 and later
I passed a quiet hour with an Ibis, yesterday.
An Ibis keeps quite busy, doesn't have too much to say.
I wished I'd had my grandson there--he lives up north, you see.
And every year at Christmas, he comes down to visit me.
But I want him to know Ibis.
I want him to know Osprey.
Oh, I want him to know how much our wild Florida means to me.

I know it must be tempting for the folks who own the land
To sell out to developers, to profit while they can.
But I wonder how they'll square it with a grandchild who might ask
Where all the birds have gone the day they bulldoze the last path.
I would want them to know Ibis.
I would want them to know osprey.
Oh, I'd want them to know how much our wild Florida deserves to last.

There's a spirit in the swampland at dawn when I arise,
A white mist disappearing as the Great Blue Heron flies.
Anyone who knows the Red-tailed Hawk, I'm pretty sure will gain,
This reverence for Old Florida that's coursing through my veins.

There's more to learn from kingfishers than most folks find in books.
I spotted one the other day, and here's the vow I took:
To bring my grandson down all summer while the reeds are tall and green
To teach him Nature's secrets, to hone his senses keen.
For I want him to know Ibis.
And I want him to know Osprey.
And I want him to know how much my wild Florida, his wild Florida,
Our wild Florida, can come to mean.