Dan Gribbin
Pete Seeger in Paradise

Lyric Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Music Credits: Daviel V. Gribbin
Producer Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Publisher Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Performance Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Label Credits: Anghinga Harmonics Music
Short Song Description:
The song sums up what Pete Seeger fought for during his lifetime--justice and a break for the common man.
Long Song Description:
Pete Seeger always worked to mobilize people on behalf of social justice. This song attempts to capture that spirit by picturing him in action, chopping wood to stoke the first in Hell to roast the chestnuts of those who created terrible problems for good people with their racism and their violence against workers.
Story Behind the Song:
When I learned of Pete Seeger's death in 2014, I watched a documentary about his life that begins with an interview during which Pete is chopping wood outside his home. That got me started on this song which, I believe, captures Pete's combative spirit as he describes what he has fought for in his life. The note of humor certainly is characteristic of Pete, as well.
Song Length 3:58
Primary Genre Folk-Americana
Tempo / Feel Folk-General
Tempo / Feel Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Justice
Subject Matter 2 Will
Similar Artist 1 Pete Seeger
Language English
Era 2000 and later
I could hear Pete Seeger yesterday, he was up there chopping wood.
He had the angels singing folk songs, as only that man could.
Pete said: "I'm chopping wood to warm some folks we've come to know too well.
That's right, I'm privileged to chop this wood to stoke the fires in Hell."

"This wood's for racist, goons, and bigots, the scabs who stole our jobs,
The bombers of the churches, and the lynchers in the mobs.
Cowards threw the stones at Peekskill.
Cowards spewed McCarthy's spawn.
Here's some wood to roast their chestnuts as the devil eggs them on." [this is the chorus]

Pete said: "I always have enjoyed a little woodchopping at dawn.
And this firewood here in heaven, it's the best I've come upon.
They say it warms a fellow twice, you know, each stick of wood I split.
Well I'm warmed up enough to stick it to those thugs who gave us fits."

[Repeat chorus.]

"Oh, they could squeeze me with their blacklist.
They could find me in contempt.
But my innermost convictions would always be exempt
From the prying eyes of Congress,
If we seek the truth and sing the truth, the truth will never die."

"I paid a heavy price for my alleged crimes against the state.
But the judgment of the common folk will always vindicate
A man who stands behind his principles and sings an honest song.
When we all pitch in together, then we're pitching twice as strong"

"As those [repeat chorus with the following additional line]

"A few hot coals to roast their chestnuts, as the devil eggs them on."