Dan Gribbin
Florida's Child

Lyric Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Music Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Producer Credits: Alex Budzilek
Publisher Credits: Daniel V. Gribbin
Label Credits: Anhinga Harmonics
Short Song Description:
A puckish child's delight in nature is celebrated in this song.
Long Song Description:
The energy and imagination of a child at the beach can be inspirational to us all. And the miracle of new life as baby turtles emerge from the egg and race for the ocean--that is one of the most exciting experiences anyone could have.
Story Behind the Song:
Someone very close to me delights in everything she experiences at the beach.
Song Length 2:15
Primary Genre Folk-Americana
Tempo / Feel Unique-Children
Tempo / Feel Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Joy
Subject Matter 2 Imagination
Mood 1 Delighted
Mood 2 Enchanting
Similar Artist 1 James Taylor
Language English
Era 2000 and later
Florida's child will race the wind.
She'll laugh if you try to chase, and then
She'll lose you among the cypress knees,
Bowing to great applause from the towering trees.

Florida's child has rainbow eyes
For tracing her colors on the skies.
A merry-go-round of clouds now whirls;
She lies in the grass and smiles as they twirl and twirl.

Bridge: Florida's child regards the tides
As rhythm to do her dancing by.
As gulls glide high above the strand,
She coaxes a dragonfly with her outstretched hand.

Florida's child regales the moon
By weaving her beams along the dunes
As leatherback hatchlings cross the sand.
She watches them trade the land for the open sea.